Sharpen Your Striking Technique and Movements Through Focus Mitts

There is no better way to tone your muscles, concentrate on your opponent and surroundings, and improving your striking skills than our Focus Mitts program. This program takes its roots in Muay Thai and Far Eastern martial arts. For 30-minutes, you will utilize focus pads/mitts to work on striking combinations (boxing and kickboxing), timing, accuracy, and movement!

This activity will help you move better, not just in class but in everyday living. So get ready, get those pads, and train your way to fitness excellence today!

A Fun and Dynamic Workout That Will Improve Your Timing and Precision!

Doing the Focus Mitts workout is a highly enjoyable way to break a sweat, tone muscles, lose weight, and be the master of your mind. This requires a complete change of mindset as you will need to be focused as you watch your opponent, come up with the best striking move, and execute it as seamlessly as possible. This is where the importance of timing and precision comes in, and we are here to help you master that too. 

Join us and discover when to attack, how to keep your calm, how to properly aim before you strike, and other awesome strategies!