Learn Control, Mental Focus, and Strength

Our Ground Fighting program is an impressive part of the whole scope of self-defense. This workout takes a lot from the principles of wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu, and some from judo. The main goal is that should the fight end up in the ground, success will depend on getting back on one's feet. A positive challenge for the body and mind!

Beyond just physically bringing yourself back on your feet, it is also about regaining balance, power, and control. It is not as seamless as it sounds - as doing so requires an exact technique and form as you transition back to the ground. It is an excellent way to gain core strength and sharpen your mindset for success!

The Ultimate Workout For Agility and Perseverance

There are no weapons used in the process when it comes to ground fighting. We rely on our bodies and do as much as we can. It is a good kind of difficulty as this kind of no-weapons workout will strengthen almost every aspect of your body and mind. Being able to finish a workout is very inspiring and can change your disposition!

When you join us, we will also train you to do positional awareness, strikes, and submissions. It is open to all levels, and our instructors are here to guide you in the process. Build a one-of-a-kind level of endurance today!