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Self-Defense Programs and Fitness Classes

All of the below classes are available to you as a KMC Defense member

Focus Mitts Skills

A 30-minute class where students work with partners using focus pads/mitts to work on striking combinations (boxing and kickboxing), timing, accuracy, and movement.

Ground Fighting

Borrowing heavily from the principles of wrestling, jujitsu, and a bit of judo, this class tries to address the fight when it goes to the ground, with the main objective being to get back to our feet.

Strike Fit @ Krav Maga Cleveland


A 30 or 60-minute fitness class that combines plyometrics, and heavy bag work to improve overall conditioning, endurance, and skills.

Krav Maga / Self Defense

Based on the principles of Krav Maga, which in turn uses elements from wrestling, boxing, Muay Thai, jujitsu, our self defense classes are principle based, and focus on all aspects of self-defense and/or fighting, in a safe, controlled environment. Students start with basic strikes and defenses, and variables (such as higher level of resistance, sparring at different ranges, multiple attackers, transitions from standing to ground, weapons work) are added as they progress through the system.

Strength & Conditioning @ Krav Maga Cleveland

Strength & Conditioning

A 30 – 45-minute class, borrowing from the principles of HIIT (high intensity interval training) which uses weights (dumbbells & kettlebells), body weight, and other equipment (box jumps, battle ropes, medicine balls, etc.) to improve overall strength, explosiveness, and conditioning.

Stick Fighting 101

Based on the principles of FMA (Filipino Martial Arts), this class focuses on the use of blunt objects (sticks, baseball bats, tire irons, or similar objects) as force multipliers in a self defense scenario. Students train footwork, offense, and defense using foam and bamboo sticks to develop speed, timing, and accuracy, with resistance added as skills build.


A Baptiste inspired, Vinyasa style class, designed for the student to develop physical balance, strength, and flexibility, as well as increase mental focus and breath awareness. Run by Gary Dacanay (


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