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Self Defense Programs and Fitness Classes

All of the below classes are available to you as a KMC member

Krav Maga

Self-defense classes, structured into 6 levels, address the principles of self-defense including awareness, movement, position, striking, etc. The goal in Krav Maga is to address the immediate threat (including and not limited strikes, chokes, body locks, headlocks) as efficiently as possible. As students progress, more variables are added such as multiple attackers, weapons, third party protection, etc.



Open to students from Level 2 and beyond, sparring offers students an opportunity to apply their skills against a resisting partner/ opponent, both at a distance, as well as close quarters or “in the clinch”. Mouthpieces, shin guards, groin protection, head gear, and 14 to 16 oz gloves are mandatory for these classes.


Ground Fighting

The ground fighting aspect of self-defense is open to all levels. While the eventual goal of these classes is to get back up off the ground, positional awareness, strikes, and submissions are an essential part of these classes.


Focus Mitts

30-minute classes where students work their movement, striking combinations, timing, and accuracy as well as blocking/ avoiding strikes with a partner holding pads.

Cardio Kickboxing

60-minute heavy bag fitness workouts to improve conditioning, hand speed, quickness, movement on a heavy bag, along with other conditioning drills.

Boot Camp

Borrowing from the principles of CrossFit, this high intensity class combines resistance training, plyometrics, and high intensity intervals to improve overall fitness, explosive power, and endurance.


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