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Krav Maga Cleveland Memberships


Welcoming Atmosphere

Sure, we have members who approach elite athlete levels of strength, speed, and fitness.  They were beginners once too and we’re all there for the same reasons: get stronger, gain confidence, learn and improve self defense.  We are a community of many nationalities, identities, fitness levels and body types.  Challenging yourself and being the best training partner you can is encouraged positively.  “Tough guys” are not.

3 Months To Improved Self Defense Mindset

Commit to at least two Krav Maga classes a week and two HIIT training like our Kickboxing classes.  You’ll be more physically prepared to get out of potentially dangerous situations.  You’ll have to throw yourself into it full force and you will sweat and get sore, but the defense mindset can be the most difficult thing to adopt.  You may have to “roll play” being aggressive and it may feel awkward at first. The goal is to be able end an attacker’s ability to hurt you – quickly and overwhelmingly.  That mindset takes a few months for most practitioners to incorporate.


Just show up on the dates indicated as Introductory Classes

Join Krav Maga Cleveland

On the Owner

"The owner is a pretty cool dude! Been cross training with him for quite some time."

Fun but Intense

"Amit, the owner, is a easy-going and fun. The classes are fun but intense and you learn real world applications right away."

Well Worth Joining

"One of the greatest instructors I have ever had.  Well worth joining"

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